Callum Jonathan Curry

The profoundly penetrating moment of meeting for the first time the little human your body miraculously co-created with God and the love of your life. Callum Jonathan Curry ✨ (Callum: Celtic for Dove- representing peace, purity and the Holy Spirit.)

Vasa Previa

Thank you @martharecoveringoutloud my Sober Mom tank fits these wires perfectly lol! Love! My new home till baby arrives! I’m so grateful to be in the hospital NOT for acute alcohol intoxication but instead to birth a LIFE into this world.

Latest Ultrsound

Latest ultrasound! I’m already getting the desire to squish his face together with two hands, put my lips over the bottom half of his face and suck,

The Daily Mail

Honored to have my story featured in @dailymail today.🙌🏼🙏🏻Thank you @mediacomuk so much for interviewing me!

Three Month Ultrasound

Can you believe how human they already look at just 12 weeks?! I can’t get over the capacity of a woman’s body to effortlessly cultivate LIFE! It’s so Sci-fi! I Had my 3 month comprehensive ultrasound yesterday!


I want to share something profoundly spiritual that happened to us. The day after my sweet Maddie girl passed away, I found out I was PREGNANT!✨ I didn’t know how to feel in that moment, it was very confusing since i was still filled with pain and grief.

Goodbye my Love

The day I’ve been anticipating, my worst nightmare and biggest fear finally arrived. I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my child, my everything today. If I knew last night would be her last, I would’ve held her in my arms all night long. My heart hurts so much it just wants to

Your truth will set you free

I’m posting this not to gross anybody out but to share my gratitude for where I am today compared to where I was on Jan 3rd 2014. W/ a blood staph infection, B.A.C of .503, conjunctivitis, weighed 78 lbs & every organ in my body including my heart & brain were failing. The right pic

Love Is All Around

I am SO grateful to be experiencing Christmas sober and surrounded by unconditional love. From 2009-2014 I was either in jail, a psych ward, rehab or on the streets in a drunken stupor over Christmas because I didn’t know how to handle all the overwhelming feelings of sentimentality, nostalgia and guilt/ shame. Now when Christmas


GUYS!! I THOUGHT I WOULD GROW OLD ALONE WITH MY 18 DOGS BUT I MET AND FELL IN LOVE WITH AN ACTUAL HUMAN!!!!!! ITS OUT OF THIS GOSH DANG WORLD!!!!! I’ve never really believed in “the one” or a “soulmate” but this beautiful human serendipitously pranced into my life and completely subverted any and every