My debut memoir, Human On Fire “COMING SOON"

Human On Fire takes readers on the journey of my life, starting with my childhood molestation. As an adolescent, the anxiety caused by hiding my dark secret led me to seek ways of medicating myself, namely bulimia and alcohol abuse, which were exacerbated when I moved to L.A. I partied with Hugh Hefner, appeared in glossy magazines, and created the appearance of having a glamorous life. It all came at a cost, as I endured various forms of sexual abuse and exploitation, which triggered my downward spiral of shame and self-loathing. I progressed into a late-stage, non-functioning alcoholic.

My harrowing voyage led me to numerous rehabs, mental institutions, the streets, homes of sexual predators, and jail. Ultimately, it left me with a brain hemorrhage and multiple organ failure from lying in one spot on a street musician’s dirty rug for a month, as acid from my urine burned holes through my skin. When I was admitted to the hospital on January 2nd 2014, I weighed 78 pounds, had a blood alcohol level of .503, and a blood staph infection. My doctor told me that I wouldn’t have survived the night without medical intervention.

This book is both juicy and nauseating, as it chronicles my self-destructive spirals into the depths of insanity, and the spiritual void that accompanies addiction. It’s also about how I found a spiritual path to forgiveness that led to my recovery. While it is not for the faint at heart, Human On Fire is a redemption story full of honesty, hope, and passion for survival.

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