Human beings are fascinating, we are part animal and part spirit. We can intellectually analyze our neuroses, but we remain subject to it. We are self aware creatures that can contemplate our existence, our minds and our purpose but our pleasure center/ ancient survival areas of the brain still dictate our behavior. The human paradox is one that is inexhaustibly explored but never elucidated. We are emotional beings on an endless quest for meaning yet killing each other simultaneously. On the proverbial hamster wheel of “more” but perpetually dissatisfied. In a race going nowhere but intrinsically wired to exceed our physical limitations. We are ephemeral, mortal beings encased in decaying flesh and yet we can tap into a metaphysical divine Truth that provides us a glimpse into the infinite and fills us with a sense of spiritual elation and transcendence. I can’t think of anything more beautifu
lly contradicting than the human condition.

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