I want to share something profoundly spiritual that happened to us. The day after my sweet Maddie girl passed away, I found out I was PREGNANT!✨ I didn’t know how to feel in that moment, it was very confusing since i was still filled with pain and grief. My heart wants to believe that their spirits crossed/ communicated. I feel like Maddie sensed I was pregnant and decided her work was done here and it was time to let me graduate to nurturing the growth of a human.😰 Which made finding out I was pregnant that much more EMOTIONAL. Then three weeks later I suddenly hemorrhaged and thought for sure I had a miscarriage. I felt so deflated BUT When we had the ultrasound, to our shock, the baby was perfectly fine. The Dr. said I have a Subchorionic Hematoma (blood clot) that is a threat to the baby but will most likely dissolve/ go away. I was told I had to be on bed rest for a while. THEN my third ultrasound the OB said this wasn’t a blood clot it was a TWIN that didn’t make it and the sac is now dissolving/ bleeding out. How many directions can a human heart be pulled?!

I cannot believe my body is effortlessly co-creating with God in this very moment. I’m approaching 11 weeks and although I’m not totally in the clear yet (being that I’m 36), I’m so dang grateful to Him for all these PRECIOUS MIRACLES! We find out the gender next week!😱 We feel like it’s a boy which probably means it’s a girl lol! I LOVE YOU guys with my whole heart, thank you again for checking in on me when I was a gushy mess! 💕🤰🏼✨

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