Can you believe how human they already look at just 12 weeks?! I can’t get over the capacity of a woman’s body to effortlessly cultivate LIFE! It’s so Sci-fi! I Had my 3 month comprehensive ultrasound yesterday! Apparently my lil fidgety twerp is right on track in terms of growth and structure- grateful, grateful, grateful! However, there are some complications: the umbilical cord is not inserted into the placenta, it inserts into the membranes below it (Velamentous Cord insertion), which can cause a lot of dangers in 3rd trimester for me and baby. I definitely won’t be able to labor or have a vaginal birth (which I really wanted), they will schedule an early C- section to avoid the risks. I also have elevated uterine Doppler flow which is an indicator of pre-eclampsia later on. Despite the fact that every doctor has scared the living crap out of me with information regarding my high risk or “geriatric” pregnancy, I still somehow thought I was exempt from serious complications. I went down the Google rabbit hole yesterday and had the hardest time climbing out😭. I dreamt all night I had to sleep in a certain position for the baby to get enough blood flow. I’m trying to remain calm and optimistic but deep down I’m worried sick.😭😭😭 Any personal stories of early on scares/ diagnoses 

resulting in delivering a perfectly healthy baby would be MUCH appreciated!!! I LOVE YOU❤️

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