GUYS!! I THOUGHT I WOULD GROW OLD ALONE WITH MY 18 DOGS BUT I MET AND FELL IN LOVE WITH AN ACTUAL HUMAN!!!!!! ITS OUT OF THIS GOSH DANG WORLD!!!!! I’ve never really believed in “the one” or a “soulmate” but this beautiful human serendipitously pranced into my life and completely subverted any and every notion of what I thought was possible in the realm of romantic love. All I’ve ever wanted was a man that genuinely loved DOGS, HELPING PEOPLE and LAUGHING as much as I do and I actually FOUND him!! Somehow somewhere in the heavenly cosmos, God heard my prayers. I now understand the adage “when you know you know”. This Man’s heart is as vast as the ocean and somehow it also feels like HOME. Falling in love with him feels sacred and spiritual. Maybe its supposed to feel this way when it’s right? It feels like I’ve entered a holy space- a forever box, where the rest of the world dissolves and it’s just me and him and the safety of the intersubjective universe we’ve created. I am SO grateful for this precious human heart and can’t believe that he’s just as crazy about me as I am him. Maybe someone reading this is like I was; given up on love and surrendered to the idea you may grow old alone. Trust me that’s not your fate, I believe there is someone for everyone. If it is something you want- pray about it. He/ she will come in perfect/ divine time.✨💕

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