Your truth will set you free

I’m posting this not to gross anybody out but to share my gratitude for where I am today compared to where I was on Jan 3rd 2014. W/ a blood staph infection, B.A.C of .503, conjunctivitis, weighed 78 lbs & every organ in my body including my heart & brain were failing. The right pic

Love Is All Around

I am SO grateful to be experiencing Christmas sober and surrounded by unconditional love. From 2009-2014 I was either in jail, a psych ward, rehab or on the streets in a drunken stupor over Christmas because I didn’t know how to handle all the overwhelming feelings of sentimentality, nostalgia and guilt/ shame. Now when Christmas


GUYS!! I THOUGHT I WOULD GROW OLD ALONE WITH MY 18 DOGS BUT I MET AND FELL IN LOVE WITH AN ACTUAL HUMAN!!!!!! ITS OUT OF THIS GOSH DANG WORLD!!!!! I’ve never really believed in “the one” or a “soulmate” but this beautiful human serendipitously pranced into my life and completely subverted any and every

The Awake With Jake Show

` Hey guys! I was interviewed by the incredible @_jakewoodard on his podcast The Awake with Jake Show! We talked about spirituality, recovery and I shared some humorous stories from my days living on the streets! “As an actor and comedienne, I have appeared on Comedy Central’s MADtv, Robot Chicken, Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, and

Birthday Angst

It’s official, I’ve entered “high risk pregnancy” age 😭. Thirty six years old today and to be honest, it is quite chilling how fast the years start flying. I feel like I’m entering the best years of my life, (Thx to God, sobriety, and mental clarity), which makes me panic and want to hold on

"Science is the systematic study of spirituality. Science doesn’t know it yet but science will know it at some point." -Amit Sood

We are made up of the same elements that came into existence with the emergence of our universe. A universe that ostensibly started out smaller than an atom- of which was infinitely dense; however, ambiguously exploded causing a sudden and rapid ‘inflation’ expanding at a rate that is incomprehensible. Encompassing billions of gravitationally bound galaxies-

Bliss Junkie

Living a life FREE of mind altering substances is absolute FREEDOM. It is SOUL NOURISHING, and MIND EXPANDING. It’s allowing yourself to FEEL and to experience SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION and ENCOUNTER MIRACLES. It is GENUINE CONNECTION with others. It is SERVICE and ALTRUISM; which subsequently enhance SELF WORTH. It elicits EMPATHY and COMPASSION which magnifies GRATITUDE

Eradicating Stigma

I’ve been reading a lot of public articles and opinions positing that certain terms and labels such as “alcoholic” and “addict” need to be eradicated from our vocabulary in order to avoid the social implications and stigma that surround them. Although part of me reduces this to petty semantics, I couldn’t be happier that we

The EGO a.k.a Edging God Out

It’s also the great dictator of false perceptions and fear based thinking and loves going down rabbit holes of comparison where it is very dark and hard to see anything but what you don’t have. The ego is ungrateful, self-serving & feeds off disparaging and judging others- esp the self. If you listen to it,

Just Mercy

A blood stirring book about America’s broken criminal justice system- Bryan Stevenson’s JUST MERCY is one that will truly embolden your soul. • Ironically, the “Land of the Free” has become the nation with the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world and it’s not because there’s been an increase in violent crime.