Reminder, YOU are NEEDED and LOVED and DEPENDED on. You are making someone else’s life better just by being alive. • It’s easy to keep our blinders on when we’re in the rat race and not realize just how many lives we change/affect/better while we’re here. But if you stop and look around you may realize the profound impact you’ve had on so many others. And understanding that we each have this power can help us become more conscious of what message we are spreading, everywhere. Especially during the present zeitgeist of social media- (our collective conscience), where love OR hate can spread as fast as the neurons firing in our brain.
Suicide has reached an all time high- according to the UN 800,000 people commit suicide around the world each year. We’ve entered a global epidemic of anxiety/depression and addiction. Obviously there are multiple factors contributing to this sharp rise but I do think one of those factors is social media, and the detrimental propensity for human beings to compare themselves to others. Comparison not only robs us of gratitude and joy, it can elicit negativity and bullying/hate. HOWEVER, the upside to social media is WE have the power to spread LOVE, COMPASSION & SUPPORT to combat the hate, judgement and fear. Being the change you want to see in the world is much more than a platitude, it can literally save the life of someone suffering inside. "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bare." -Martin Luther King

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